You run the restaurant, we'll manage the books.


Running a restaurant is hard work. Managing both accounting and payroll make that job even harder. By outsourcing some or all of your accounting, you can focus your time and energy on growing your business. Let us help you with your books so you can stay focused on what matters: your customers.


Restaurant Bookkeeping

We take pride in transparency. For us, bookkeeping is not complicated, so we don't make it complicated for you--it is simple, clear, and direct.

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Restaurant Payroll

Do you find yourself spending too much time calculating payroll on a weekly basis? Would you rather be using your time to ensure the quality of your food and improving customer experience?

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Helpful Resources

Learn best practices from our team via our helpful restaurant accounting blog. 

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Our Practice

Based in Cambridge, MA, T.Galt works with clients from all over the country.


We take the stress out of managing your books and
help your restaurant grow with proven experience.

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Focused on Restaurants

We uniquely service restaurants exclusively. By specifically working only with restaurants, we bring domain expertise to our services.